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1 definition by The Yarn Box

A common sickness experienced by builders who play Minecraft for an extended period of time, especially Survival Mode.

Some symptoms of minecraft sickness are:
-renewed fear of the dark
-urge to place torches in a dark hall
-wondering if there's any diamond under your house in real life
-urge to punch trees
-animal abuse
-putting raw pork into stove
Junkie1 and Junkie2 are going camping

1: Bro, its getting dark, we need to light some torches and put them on the trees
2: ok! (gets coal from grill and a stick)
1: no wait i already have some! (gets matches)
2: wait what we thinking! putting torches on trees is just as bad as flint and iron!
1: well if we cant have light, we have to stay up all night and make sure creepers don't get us.
2: we can still make a small fort with the wood around us (punches trees)
1: (comes to senses) oh no! we have minecraft sickness!
by The Yarn Box February 19, 2011
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