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Exceptionally wealthy individuals with net worths exceeding $5 billion dollars, bloombergs are typically short males characterized by "Napoleon complexes" and a belief that money can buy anything, including the mayoralty of a major American city. They display extreme arrogance, and enjoy exercising control over other people's behavior and personal freedoms in support of their own personal agendas. Generally self-centered, they often avoid dealing with important issues and focus instead on self-aggrandisement, such as ignoring the re-building the World Trade Center and focussing instead on raising real estate taxes by 18.5 per cent, bringing the Olympics to New York City, building an unneccessary sports complex on New York's West Side or replacing soft drinks with Snapple in New York City public schools. They also tend to favor using public monies to pay poor people to change their behavior, such as providing cash incentives for unwed mothers to seek pre-natal medical care and rewarding unmotivated, drug-addicted hip-hop youth to attend school. Attitudinally controlling, bloombergs oppose cigarette smoking and foods with trans-fatty acids, while displaying speech patterns punctuated with whiny voices and excessive, improper use of the word "ways," as in "we've got a long ways to go." A key indicator of a bloomberg is someone who believes that New Yorkers face greater dangers from crossing the street or smoking cigarettes than they do from another Islamo-fascist terrorist attack.
"Hey douchebag, stop trying to control my life. You're such a bloomberg."
by The Wyndbraker October 07, 2006
Noun. A free cellphone given by the US Government (i.e. you and me) to Americans and illegals who do not want to work and who believe they are entitled to free stuff from the Government (i.e. you and me) because they are lazy, uneducated and unmotivated... and because most of America is racist. This is but one "government benefit" that the current Obama administration believes is key to "spreading our wealth" and re-distributing money from the makers to the takers, similar to practices exercised by other socialist countries in Europe and South America. Other government benefits frequently enjoyed by these "slackers" or "47 percent" include free or subsidized housing, welfare, food stamps, disability payments and free healthcare (aka "Obamacare").
"Hey, Tawana, I just gots me another Obama Phone. How many of dese you got... and when is we gettin' dem iPhones?"
by The Wyndbraker January 27, 2013
(pronounced yogi-ism) A malapropism (see Webster's Dictionary) stating truth in a humorous manner, attributed to famous New York Yankee catcher, Yogi Berra.
"Deja vu all over again" or "it ain't over til it's over" are classic yogisms.
by The Wyndbraker September 28, 2006
Alchoholic cocktail with a sweet flavor marketed to those who dislike the taste of beer or hard liquor. The politically correct alternative to this term is "Chick Drinks." See also definition for "malternative."
You fuckin' homo, that Sombrero you're drinkin' is a goddam pussy drink!
by The Wyndbraker September 28, 2006
Exclamatory statement, generally used to express extreme shock, surprise or disappointment.
Fuckmeuptheass! My wife just found my girlfriend's thong in my suit pocket!
by The Wyndbraker September 28, 2006
A book or pamphlet typically printed by a college or university listing names, home towns and pictures of freshmen women. The book is generally distributed at the start of the college year to help welcome freshmen co-eds and foster warm, deep and penetrating relationships with other students, particularly male upperclassmen.
"Hey Joe, I just got my copy of the new pig book, and there's a chick from Syracuse who's a real piece of ass."
by The Wyndbraker October 07, 2006
1. Having sex with an intern (preferred definition) or 2. demonstrating the philosophy that "if you believe it's true, it's not really a lie." Alternative phrase, "pulling a lewinsky."
I heard the boss caught you in the conference room pulling a clinton with Joe's summer intern.
by The Wyndbraker September 28, 2006

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