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n 1. Someone who has alot of spunk
2. The person with alot of spunk

v 1. To show off your spunk

adj. 1. Describes a person showing spunk

(Normally refers to a girl)
That girl is a super Mignone with all of her cheer moves.

Mignone a little this way, so i can register it.

That chick went total Mignone with it!
by The World's Best Blonde January 08, 2010
When you can officially say the name of the person you like without being afraid, yet you aren't dating that person.
Two months earlier:
Taylor- "I got to talk to 'you know who' yesterday."

Melodie- "Cool!"


Taylor- "I got to talk to Bailey yesterday!!"

Melodie- "Omg, is it official?"

Taylor- "No:(, but I can say his name now!"

Melodie- "Then it's unofficially official!!"
by The World's Best Blonde April 04, 2010
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