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To undo, or fix a situation when someone stupid takes something simple and uses their moronic cunning to fuck it up.
I had to go into work and it took me hours to deretardify the program that Wayne butchered like an aborted fetus.
by The Wonely Waynger April 03, 2009
Participating in the act, or attempting to use a rather large, collegic sounding word, out of context as well as mispronounced. Both grammar and pronunciation must be in error, resulting in a perversion and battery of the English language.
Mike says: This news paper is the epitimone (epitome) of our success as a television network.

Jeff says: Did you hear mike's cotrellovingian use of the word epitome? God that was brutal, my english teacher must be rolling in his grave.
by The Wonely Waynger April 03, 2009

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