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A dog, typically a pekingese or a cocker spaniel, that continually emits foul-smelling binderfenders.

Binderfender hounds are often laps dogs for old ladies who pamper them and feed them rich foods.
Lum Kee is a reeking binderfender hound. He stunk up the dog show last week.
by The Wog Whomper May 11, 2005
Mighty unpleasant.

From the rough surface of a corn cob used to wipe one's backside.
"Hey Elmore, the wheel done fell off mah baler."

"Oh man, Ermal, that's rough as a cob."
by The Wog Whomper May 01, 2005
A bribe. Especially a bribe left (or "dropped") at a secret location to be picked up by the bribee.
It's time to leave the dropski behind the doghouse. Big Eddie's bagman will pick it up.
by The Wog Whomper May 11, 2005
A noble cartoon character devoted to keeping the streets clean. He beat up punks, hoodlums, and gangsters with little provocation, making the streets safer for you and me.

He was sometimes friends with Popeye the Sailor Man, who also beat up scores of punks and hoodlums.

Bluto taught us that the appropriate thing to do with street gangsters is to beat them up.
Bluto is my hero. He pounds Pachucos with vigor and leaves them in a greasy heap in the gutter.
by The Wog Whomper May 11, 2005
An open-ended wrench head that is used on a ratchet. Crowfeet come in different sizes. They are used to loosen or tighten nuts in otherwise inaccessible places.
Charlie the Grease Monkey uses a crowfoot to loosen the distributor nut on his Chevy V8.
by The Wog Whomper May 11, 2005
Half of a bum's dinner, the other half being a bottle of muscatel.
Joe and Lottie shared a can of cat food for Christmas dinner under the Tenth Street Bridge.
by The Wog Whomper May 11, 2005
An person whose extraordinary wealth and business practices contribute to:

* Pollution of the Earth
* Oppression of the poor
* Misuse of natural resources
* Shipment of jobs to India and China
John Kerry and Al Gore are pollutocrats.
by The Wog Whomper May 03, 2005
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