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1 definition by The Wisest Person On Earth

1)The goods
2)My lover
3)My best friend's lover
4)God's lover
5)Inori Matsumoto's lover
6)Saviour of the world
8)Mankind's best invention since Fudo.
9)Fudo's best invention since regular anime
1) "Dude, that hentai is the goods!"
2) "I love you hentai!"
3) "He loves you hentai!"
4) "God bless you hentai!"
5) "The Japanese love you hentai!"
6) All: "We love you hentai!" Nazis: "heil hitler!" Hentai: "stfu Nazi scum!"
7) When I saw the hentai, a huge grin grew on my face, and something else grew too.
8) Fudo made hentai.
9) Fudo made anime, then hentai.
by The Wisest Person On Earth April 17, 2009