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When having sex with someone, you lay down and throw them up in the air and have them land on your dick multiple times. You then throw them up in the air when you're about to cum and jizz to make it look like exhaust coming out of their ass.
Dude I totally did the Armenian Skyrocket with that chick last night.
by The Whitman Whiggler June 06, 2010
1. A Type of mop
2. When you jizz on an especially hairy vagina and then motorboat it.
Boss: Clean up that menstrual blood with a fuzzy wuzzy Swooz
Employee: fuck....

Dude 1: I hear that she doesn't fuck anyone unless they Fuzzy Wuzzy Shwooz her.
Dude 2: Yeah, a girl as hot as that I would totally do it though.
by The Whitman Whiggler June 06, 2010

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