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1.) n. Jargon for an almost instant moment of time that often is used to describe a situation that won't take a lengthy amount of time.

2.) adj. Very rapid or accurate.
1.) I'll be downstairs in a split second.

2.) In a split second, Maverick was hit by a car and was killed.
by The White Phantom June 13, 2011
Adj. 1.) When something is so dope, it goes psychedelic. The highest level of exquisitive badassery. When something is described as dopedelic, it means it's beyond awesome. 2.) Adv. A word to describe something beyond the realms of excellent, radical, or awesome.
1.) Michael Jackson's moonwalk could be described as dopedelic as many have tried to imitate the move, but lack it's fluidity.
2.) Using his roof as a ramp, Chuck dopedelically backflipped three complete turns off his house and landed perfectly in the street, before pedaling away rapidly.
by The White Phantom December 26, 2014
1.) V. When someone gains significantly noticeable levels of badassness (see. take a level in badass) as if almost overnight or within a short period of time. Taken from modern gaming in the styles of herding or grinding to gain experience points to level up multiple levels. It's badass gain on overdrive. Quite simply put, it means when someone takes multiple levels in badassness.
1.) What happened to Bill over the summer? It's like he went from pussy geek to instant badass.

2.) Yeah, I hear he's joined a UFC gym, and has been doing some badass grinding ever since he got pantsed in front of the whole school late last year.
by The White Phantom September 22, 2013
1.) v. a perjorative term in slang that is similar to the word asshole, but is arguably a little less harsh. Most commonly used by Generation X and later generations (Generation Y/Echo Boom is especially prone to using this word like common verbal etiquette), to denote such people without calling them out and out asshole's, cocksucker's, or cunt's.

See asshole.

2.) A device that is used to administer a douce, most commonly used by women to irrigate and rinse the vagina.
1.) "Today, my teacher yelled at me before the entire class today, then when I tried to argue back, he made me get up before the class, pantsed me, and then grabbed me and beat me with a ruler."

"Really? What a fuckin' doucebag, you should sue him!!!"

2.) Kelly lent Linda her douce that came with a doucebag to hold the fluid for the douce.
by The White Phantom July 07, 2011
adj. The act of giving a rim job to a male partner while masturbating him at the exact same time. Often, the most comfortable way of doing this is while the male is on his hands and knees.
Tina gave Aaron a Greasy Trombone last night in the bathroom on the floor.
by The White Phantom June 27, 2011
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