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"I am going to let"
I should bust a cap in yo' ass, but omelette this one slide.
by The White Hat July 06, 2003
One more than a biscuit.
I do say, my good man. That was triscuit... tris-cuit
by The White Hat April 12, 2003
See that broad to get that bodiac. Lay 'em down, smack'em yack'em.
by The White Hat July 06, 2003
Space Coffin 2000 - The safety device with which most space shuttles are equipped in the event of a Ramses and Russel arm malfunction.
Don't worry, Odessey, your shuttle is equipped with an SC2000.

<i> What's an SC2000?</i>

That's a Space Coffin.... 2000.
by The White Hat March 14, 2005
ice cubes
Here's some booze for the headache, and use the rocks to ice down your marbles.
by The White Hat April 12, 2003
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