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A maneuver used by males suffering from limp dick syndrome, usually caused by too much illegal drug use. Stuffing the turkey is to weasle an otherwise useless limp penis into the vagina of a female which will result in a fully erect, useable penis.
After 10 ectasy pills and 2 grams of cocaine Eric had no option but to stuff the turkey.

"Man I was so high last night I thought I was going to be shooting pool with a piece of string, but after stuffing the turkey everything worked out great!"
by The Whisker Biscuit Basher July 09, 2005
The sexual act when two couples are fucking in the same room and they switch partners. Normally, resulting in high fives from both males.
Eric and Joe were amazed at how quick the two girls were so eager to participate in a switch hit session.

"Ain 't nothing like a friendly game of switch hit."
by The Whisker Biscuit Basher July 09, 2005

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