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375ml Bottle of beer, usualyl bought in a case or carton or slab of 24.
Hey wanna go halves in a carton for this party
by The Werewolf November 24, 2004
A longy is more commonly referred to as a longneck, which is 750.00ml of Beer, usually bought in a non descript brown paper bag. Can be drunk anywhere from a party to a BBQ to down in the slums with yo homies.
Give us 2 longy's of Carlton please champion
by The Werewolf November 24, 2004
A unit of Marijuana, sold for fifty Australian Dollars.
Sometimes called a fitty, or a five-O, a twenny twen twen ot twenty bag is referred to as a junior smelly.
by The Werewolf November 22, 2004
Rhyming Slang for a bong, used in context is not describing a bong but the act of using one to pull a cone.
Usually shortened to a tommy
Fuck I hate work, pack me a tommy (chong)
by The Werewolf November 25, 2004
when a man moons over far enough his tockley sticks out like an Echidna's snout
Hey show us yer Echidna ya mad roota!
by The Werewolf November 24, 2004
A six inch Meatball Sandwich from Subway.
When you go to Subway and want a half size sandwich, you casn insert any toppings you like....ie seafood chubby, vegetarian chubby.
Chubby because it looks like a six inch chubby erect penis
by The Werewolf November 22, 2004

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