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Bathing by standing at the sink with a wet rag and washing face, underarms, groin, and ass. Preferably in that order.
Kilroy, a cellmate in Broward's Conte facility, almost never showered, but he had his daily niggerbath at the sink.
by The Water Gun Tweaker December 22, 2005
An act of taking merchandise usually stolen back to the store it came from in exchange for cash or a gift card.
You can only do so many returns in a sixty day period at wal-mart on the same drivers liscence number.Go get a state i.d. card and were back in business.
by The Water Gun Tweaker December 26, 2005
The merit badge earned by eating gonnorhea infected pussy.
I got my greenwings and redwings at the same time the other night dude.Got any of that penicillin left over from your prescription?
by The Water Gun Tweaker December 26, 2005
The art of pulling up into someones driveway that looks like noone is home and having one friend bang on the door under the pretense of asking for directions or some such for like five minutes to determine if anyone is home.When noone answers the friend and any passengers grab as much as they can from the porch or yard that looks appealing or valuable and gets back in the car.Then the driver hauls ass.
Dude we just got back from drivewaying out in the country, will you pawn these tools and pushmower for me? Oh, check out this yard gnome.
by The Water Gun Tweaker December 22, 2005
a plastic device containing cheap speed found up the noses of ravers everywhere and also used by dopers who remove the chemicals from the cotton inside for iv use.
All our tweakers buddies steal the benzedrex and vicks inhalers from wal-mart to cook the dope out of when they cant afford to get high on real drugs.
by The Water Gun Tweaker December 19, 2005
Any type of syringe used to inject drugs intravenously.
We locked ourselves in the bathroom and squirted each other with my water gun then i grudged her ass for like eight hours.
by The Water Gun Tweaker December 26, 2005

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