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a name given to a black man of great signifigance.
Samuel L. Jackson is a total darnell.
by The Wasp December 11, 2007
a word used to describe when a male gets an erection in the locker room.
Bill: Did you see Tom earlier?
Bob: Yeah, he had a kervan!
Bill: Total homo.
by The Wasp December 11, 2007
The little nipple at the base of your arsehole
Oooh my gounce is murdering me tonight, I think we'll have to call it a day
by The wasp August 09, 2013
an obese person who is so fat that they cannot walk properly and waddle. Traditionally looked down upon in society.
I'm surprised Fat Albert wasn't a housen, look how big he is.
by The Wasp December 11, 2007

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