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A site that was originally intended to be a dictionary for slang words, but has apparently gone "downhill" because now its a place for everyone to display their opinions, stupid or not.

The site is now intended for people to complain about how stupid and preachy everyone is on the site while at the same time they ARE preaching... about how stupid and preachy and everyone on the site is.

Other Person - You people from urban dictionary just write your biased opinions and utter bullshit with your heads up your asses, all of you.

Me - Well golly gee, you could always screw off if you want to, because I, and a lot of other people, like it.


Other Person #2 - Are you serial? You're all black-hating racists

Me - Or we're people enraged by America's pathetic social state, where everyone has to be politically correct minority-ass-kissing people, or you'll get your ass kicked and lose your job.
by The War Ham April 28, 2007

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