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Obsessed Mark of Mafia player. Player who truly believes that the game is not only real but that he himself, is the Godfather of the game. Sani007 claims to be the leader of the so called JJ&E crew and wears sunglasses 24 hours a day, to look cool and to hide the dark circles under his eyes, from staying awake for days at a time, playing the game.
That Sani007 is an obsessed player; he should really get a life.

Sani007 is a fagtard who enjoys video game conventions and watching his bot all day.
#sani007 v2.0 #out$ider$ #mom #jj&e crew #sani007 v3.0
by The Voice of Reality November 06, 2010
The history of the JJ&E Crew is as long and rich as any race or culture of morons or idiots that exist on earth. To truly understand what drives the JJ&E crew one must understand how a group of individuals, with a combined IQ of 72, have come into existence and manage to survive in the world we live in today.

Historically the individuals that comprise the JJ&E crew were formally known as the stupids and the idiots. They were once mortal enemies of one another and in 1812 a war broke out amongst the two races. After realizing that neither race was able to defeat the other, it was agreed that both races would unite in the hopes of creating a more intelligent race; the result race was known as the “Stupid Idiots.” In 1912, the Stupid Idiots changed their name to the JJ&E crew because, well, it sounded much cooler than the Stupid Idiots.

After several failed attempts to succeed in the corporate world, the JJ&E crew decided to attempt their hand at the world of gaming. Most members of the JJ&E crew, work long hours at Coffee shops and Office Supply stores, where internet connection is free and they can play a mafia game in between customers and while on break.

Be very careful of the JJ&E crew. If threatened, the JJ&E crew will resort to any means necessary to annoy another player; this is known as the “Cry Baby” tactic. They have been known to spend large quantities of money on the mafia game, in order to appear “ahead of the game" and "super bitchin."
Did you know that the JJ&E crew are literally a bunch of stupid idiots?

The JJ&E crew are also referred to as Obsessed Players.
#pb&j #sani007 #mom #obsessed #gamer
by The Voice of Reality November 14, 2010
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