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a White Firebird, esp. if termed as a 1991 white Firebird with t-tops. A very nice, sharp, fast car.
Damn, that FirePigeon just smoked that pony, man.
by The Vince December 01, 2003
slang for a Ford Mustang, an older muscle car that was quickly replaced and outshined by the Pontiac Firebird.
Man, your firebird just smoked that pony.
by The Vince December 01, 2003
A drummer or 'percussionist' who is not very good.

The first stage on the way to becoming a percussionist.
He's such a plumber, he can't even hardly keep a straight beat.
by The Vince December 01, 2003
The Firebird's sister car.
GM Muscle for the girls of America.
A car that although may be nearly identical to the Firebird, will never match it in its sleak looks or its speed.

The second best GM Muscle Car that made production until 2002.
"Man, you just smoked that Camaro!"
--"I know, I'm driving a Firebird."
"And the Mustang never left the line."
by The Vince December 02, 2003
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