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A Raef is the action of smashing a pint glass round someones face when they cause you extreme annoyance.
Boy 1:*tries to hit you*
you:*smash a pint glass round his face*
Boy 1:*collapses on the floor screaming in pain*
you:"I just pulled a Raef on that muthafucker"

"He came at me so i pulled a Raef on him"

"That bitch pissed me off so i pulled a Raef on her ass@
by The Ville June 17, 2007
Flak is slang for any type of jacket. This can be a hooded or unhooded but it must be a jacket, it does not refer to jumpers.
James:Blud its cold out init
Me:Good observation my friend could you pass me my flak then to conserve my warmth?
James:Wagwan cool yeh safe one wun up here you go
by The Ville May 28, 2007

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