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Friends, usually but not limited to the opposite sex who are more than just friends, but less than lovers. Flirty friends should not be confused w/ “friends w/ benefits” or “fuck friends” as flirty friends actually tend to flirt in public, cuddle, spoon & occasionally kiss rather than engage in fellatio or coital relations. Most flirty friend relationships have a tendency to end in disaster when the male, in most cases, assumes the relationship has evolved into something deeeper & expresses his new found feelings to said partner.
Meg: Hey Laura did u know Daniel & Isabella are no longer flirty friends??

Laura: Why, what happened??

Meg: Daniel came to think of Isabella as more than a flirty friend & told her even though Isabella was only setteling untill here 1st choice became a free agent again.

Lauara: Always happens... they'll prob ignore each other for a while & then occasionally have to exchange tense half hearted smiles from now on.
by The Verbalist January 07, 2007
1) Terrible Overdose

2) To overdose on prescription medication and then amadently deny it.
He had TO last night but said it wasn an accident
by The Verbalist September 29, 2006
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