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A neighborhood in south Brooklyn that was used to be known for great restarants. Now it is known for over priced condos and Russians.
Me: Lets go to dinner in Sheepshead Bay
BF: Ok, where?
Me: . . .
#sheepshead bay #brooklyn #new york #russians #nightlife
by The Urbanette October 22, 2008
Located in the borough of Staten Island, she is best known for:

- Coach Bags
- Uggs
- Membership to The Tanning Loft or Hollywood tans
- Hair straitener
- Highlights
- Daddy's credit cards
- Daddy's car
- Known on a first name basis at the following stores:
- Aldo
- H&M
- Hollister
- Coach
- Velour suits
- Acrylic Nails
- The Accent
- Never stepped foot in the Barnes and Noble except for that one Starbucks emegency a few weeks ago.

This Staten Island Girl might also be seen with the Guido boyfriend. They can be located in "The Mall" parking lot on a Saturday morning.
Co-Worker: How do you like living in Staten Island?
Me: Its pretty decent, the neighborhood is great, schools are nice-
Co-worker: What about the Staten Island Girls?
Me: The city sends me a Coach bag everytime I hit one of them down.
#staten island #staten island girl #guido #sterotypes #italians #mall
by The Urbanette October 22, 2008
A mixture of two types of cannibus, Regz and Chocolate. They take on the look of the Chinese food Beef and Broccoli.
Me: I got the Regz
BFF: I got the Chocolate
Me: Damn...
BFF: I smell Beef and Broccoli!
#weed #smoking #canibus #pot #the heights
by The Urbanette October 22, 2008
One of the worst areas in Staten Island. Can be comparable to Bushwick section of Brooklyn, the Hollis area of Queens, the Washington Heights area of Manhattan and The Bronx.
Co-Worker: Do you live near Stapelton? I heard its horrible there.
Me: Hell no, I stay BELOW the Staten Island Expressway.
#staten island #stapelton #ghetto #sterotype #new york
by The Urbanette October 22, 2008
A cesspit of voilence and teen pregnancy. Located in northern Bronx, it is best known for "Buck 50's" and "40's"
Mother: Why did you move to Gun Hill Road?
Me: . . .
#bronx #new york #yonkers #teen pregnancy #street names
by The Urbanette October 22, 2008
One of the more weaker types of canibus.
Me: Why didn't you get Haze?
BFF: All they had was the Regz
#weed #smoking #canibus #pot #the heights
by The Urbanette October 22, 2008
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