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1 definition by The Ukearchy

The cold timeless embrace of eternity and all consuming apathy. The end of existence, incomprehensible in the truest meaning of the word. A fate so dismal the most ancient of philosophers sought to explain away its all consuming approach.

Also, you get taxed for it.
The act of embracing death; to become dead, to die.

*Doctor*: You're dying.

*Patient*: *Speechless horror*

*Doctor*: Drink?


*Doctor*: You've kept your body in perfect shape, ate right, and worked out more efficiently than we thought anyone could. You're family is beautiful and well-established. Did I mention you're incredibly healthy? But that brings us to do the bad news, you're dying of nothing.

*Patient*: What?!

*Doctor*: What, you think you can win life or something? Drink?
by The Ukearchy August 18, 2010