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A distastefully and/or poorly modified car. Modifications usually include garish colour schemes, poorly designed/ill-fitting body kits, stupid spoilers (unaerodynamic aerodynamic aids), hideous alloy wheels/spinners (which may be too large for the car, preventing the front wheels from actually turning) and unfeasibly large exhausts creating illeagal noise levels. The car may be driven around whilst still being in the process of said modifications. Look out for unpainted primmer, filler and dodgy patches of respray!

Carbage is often created from 10-year-old-plus cheap cars such as a: Nova, Escort, Fiesta, 205, etc, but is not exclusively limited to this end of the automobile spectrum. Plenty of expensive cars have also been bastardized through this process.

Carbage is usually driven by the common chav, who thinks that their "wheels"/creation is the dogs bollocks. Chavs take their ride to a cruise/krooz (or mcdonalds car park) to show it to other equally unsavoury folk.

The word Carbage is believed to have first appeared on the BBC Top Gear website, where there is an extensive gallery of prime examples.

The easy way of spotting a piece of Carbage from the cheap end of the spectrum is that by all appearances it seems to have had an accident in the Ripspeed department of Halfords.
1. That Nova is a piece of Carbage!
2. Who would bastardize a Lexus with Burberry Stripes?! What a piece of fucking Chav carbage!
3.Did you see all those cars in McDonalds? What a load of absolute carbage!
by The Two Dons October 15, 2006

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