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2 definitions by The Two Crouching Tigers

An extremely active brunette, that loves to have fun with friends and others, and usually dates the same person more than once. At age 14-15 she's about 5'7 in height. She likes violent sports such as rugby, football, and wrestling. She's not afraid to show her true self to anyone that is not quiet. Also is usually a big flirt.
Roya. Abolghasemi.
by The Two Crouching Tigers April 05, 2011
usually when someone has the name Kuduzovic in there full name they are mostly out going, fun and have always been a good friend to any friend they've got. They are also very pretty, blonde, and have amazing emerald eyes. They're very flexible with there time and body, and can help make good decisions even if it may offend the person in need of help. Sometimes they are violent but they over come it in the end.
Hanna Kuduzovic
by The Two Crouching Tigers April 05, 2011