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An explosive device. A booby trap. A package bomb. A hand-tossed grenade.
Long before George Harrison, Sean Penn and Madonna and the movie they made by that name, a Shanghai Surprise was a home made bomb used by the Chinese tongs or gangs. The expression probably dates from the late 19th or early 20th century. While I cannot cite chapter and verse of it's origin, I'm older than Madonna and understood the expression at the time the movie was made. Not everything is about sex, kids. That's why I unsubscribed from the UD.
by The Twentieth Man April 10, 2011
Yahudi (yəhōdē) (Ihudae, Jahudae) (spelling uncertain) cf. INRI

The tribe of Judah
The Jewish People
of or pertaining to Jews

The given name of a common household sprite.
A miserly pinch-penny sprite, the keeper of the lamp.
Yahudi now lives in the refrigerator.
His purpose is to save electricity and wear and tear on the appliance bulb.
When you open the refrigerator door he reluctantly turns on the light.
When you close the refrigerator door he quickly turns it off again.
If you open the door very, very, slowly, you just might catch him asleep.

In olden times Yahudi blew out the candles. (a draught)
Beeswax candles were always expensive.

Yahudi is sometimes blamed for other inexplicable occurrences about the house.

Submitted in fond memory of my Polish uncles.
The old refrigerator still runs but Yahudi is out.
It might not be the bulb. It might be Yahudi.
by The Twentieth Man March 08, 2012
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