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2 definitions by The Twelfth Monkey

mankind's premier experiment in eugenics and statism, conveniently located about 30 minutes from Columbus, OH. Known for laws that bar you from repainting your house, wearing non-designer clothes, trying to start a business, trying to close a business, being poor, being black, or generally doing anything that wouldn't normally be done in the antebellum South. Not surprisingly, the town leans Democrat.
Worthington: "My dear chap, thanks for the coffee! Do you happen to live in this Village of Granville, OH?"

Joe: "I'm actually from Newark."

Worthington: "Slave trash." (spit on Joe)
by The Twelfth Monkey October 29, 2012
a girl's version of gentleman and a scholar. If your woman calls you this, it's time to go hard or go home. An egregiously high compliment.
Man: "My love, I'd rather freeze and die than you suffer this chilly weather! Take my coat"

Woman: "You are a lover and a king."

Man: "Score."
by The Twelfth Monkey October 07, 2012