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Local name for one of the southwests largest alternative venues. (BierKeller)
Night spot is a mecca for most alternative people in the UK, have booked acts such as Nirvana, Gore, Reel Big Fish and Electric Six.
Holds a reputation within Bristol for being Moshing.
Is also reputed to be the last true alternative venue left in Bristol
Person1: Dude, you going to the Bierkeller tonight?

Person2: you sound like such a nube, it's Keller idiot
by The Truth (Partial) June 13, 2008
Term for anal Sex.
Generally speaking it involves any form of anal penetration with the penis.
One can either be the Pilot (giver) or the plane (reciever)

Generally speaking, being the "plane" is a derocitory term used in adolensant hetrosexual males

Use of Brown wings is more commanly reserved to males
Person1: Hey buddy, I just got my brown wings

Person2: Yeah, but you were the plane!

Person1: No way, pilot all the way, and with a chick!
by The Truth (Partial) June 13, 2008

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