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A revolutinary Series that will continued to be loved for years to come. Other Games have tried to beat MGS at it's own game (i.e. Splinter Cell) but don't even come close. Once you've played a Metal Gear Solid game, you will never forget the great time you had playing this game. Directed by Hideo Kojima, the best game maker ever, and music by Harry Gregson-Williams the greatest music composer ever, It will never be forgotten in the gaming world. (Unlike Splinter Cell)
by The True Spikes July 10, 2005
The Godfather of Acid rap. The reason Eminem is a good rapper. A psychopathic Artist that comes from Detroit like ICP, Eminem, and Kid Rock. One of the best rappers ever to get on the mike
Esham the father of Acid/horrorcore rap
by The True Spikes July 30, 2005
An incredible Anime, Stars a Thief named Lupin, (a master pimp) A samuria that can cut anything in two, a gun-slinger, Fujiko, a sneaky thief, and Zenegata, a freakin hilarious dectective that is obsessed with capturing them. The animation is great in my opinion, it's a cool old-school looking anime style, and each episode has a interesting plot and will keep you guessing
Lupin has cool animation, great charectors, Incredible plots, and is freakin hilarous, there's nothing to not love
by The True Spikes July 14, 2005
The best anime I've ever seen and I've seen about 3: Lupin the Third, Inuyasha, and FMA. It has a very good plot, and keeps you interested through out the whole episode.
Fullmetal Alchemist is very interesting
by The True Spikes July 10, 2005
A game that dosn't deserve caps. Again, what's the point? You kill a guy, he dies, now what? You run, and kill another guy. Do you sence repetition here? I do.
Let's look at what makes it better than Halo: Better Graphics... uh... I guess that's it. The story sucks even more this time, but for Halo Nerds, it dosn't matter at all, which is different for people with brains, because in my case, I want a story that makes me look at the very nature of life, and question the very world it self (I.E. Metal Gear Solid) But then again, Bungie has never been very different. You take a gun, you shoot a guy, he is dead. Where's the depth? How is it unique? I have never played Half Life 2, but I'd think it would be the same, but I don't know.
You Halo Nerds have no idea of the world outside Halo and X-Box live, start living, you might like it. Now this dos not include everyone that plays Halo, just the one's who play it all day, which is probably a lot of you.
I'll say it again: Halo is a fun game, that dosn't mean it can be a religion
Bungie and microsoft are the eviliest companys on the earth. They are resposible for:
1. Obesity
2. Addiction
3. Failed Relationships
4. taking away people's hard earned money.

I'll use Halo Nerd/n00b Language so that you people can understand: HaLo TATOOLY SuXX!!11!!!!!11!1 mGS, FF, GTA IZz BEttEr, THEY ALL GOT HIGHER RATINGS ON GAMEspot!!!11!!!! HALO 2 GOT 9.3, MGS2 GOT 9.6, FF10 GOT9.6, AND GTA:SA GOT 9.6, HALo SUX!!!1!!!!
by The True Spikes August 13, 2005
The most overhyped game of all time, yet is one the most popular game ever. If there was no Halo, perhaps the world would be a better place. With a bad, short storyline, some bad graphics at times, and some very bad glitches, I'm not sure why the hell it could be so popular. Everyone one knows The're are three types of nerds: Halo Nerds, Computer Nerds, and Dungeons and Dragons nerds, and halo nerds are the worst. The game is fun, that dosn't mean it can be a religion
Nerd: Let's play Halo!!!
Normal person: Dude... You've been playing Halo all day today...
Nerd: I've also gained 10 pounds, what else is new?
by The True Spikes July 10, 2005
The Next generation game platform for the X-Box. The graphics look only slightly better then The X-Box (Unlike the PS3 which takes graphics to the boundarys of games. Gameplay looks like a freaking CG movie!!) but the X-Box 360 has more features than the PS3, but anyone that saw the Killzone 2 trailor would agree, PS3 takes the cake.
(BTW, I know that the Killzone Trailor wasn't really on the PS3, but it is what it will look like)
X-Box 360 will push gaming to a new level, but the PS3 will push it even further, and no one really knows about the Revolution, so I'm not saying anything about Nintendo.
by The True Spikes July 29, 2005

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