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Although usually meant to describe a music style, lifestyle, hairstyle, clothing style &c, Emo is actually:

1. a town in Ireland (Emo, County Laois)
2. a town in Canada (Emo, Ontario)
3. a racetrack in Emo, Ontario (Emo Speedway)
4. a nightclub in Austin, Texas (Emo's)
5. a 16th century villa by Andrea Palladio (Villa Emo)
6. an Irish oil distribution brand (Emo Oil)
7. an American entertainer and comedian (Emo Philips)

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emo
1. It was so pretty when i spent the summer in Emo.
2. It be dam near freezin up der in Emo, eh? (all Canadians and Minnesotans talk like this)
3. Didja see dat big crash down der at da Emo Speedway?
4. You hear the band at Emo's last night? They were dam good
5. I saw this special with Bob Vila an A&E, end they had a whole bunch of stuff about Villa Emo in Italy.
6. I've got to get a spot of petrol at the Emo down the lane.
7. I love Emo Philips' use of Paraprosdokians in his acts.
by The Toughbook Guy February 16, 2008

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