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A pogue is what infantrymen call non-infantrymen in the US Army. Marines probably use the same word, though I can't comment on that.

"Pogue" is generally disparaging, though the degree of vitriol with which one uses it can vary. The connotation associated with pogue is that the person is lazy and/or soft, and therefore selected a job in the military that doesn't involve the grueling field training that infantrymen must endure. Pogues are not deserving of respect.

A pogue is similar to a R.E.M.F. (Rear echelon motherfucker). Rear echelon means far away from the fight, "in the rear with the gear." Nearly all R.E.M.F.'s are pogues, though not all pogues are R.E.M.F.'s.

"Pogue" is not synonymous with "leg." A leg is what airborne troops call non-airborne troops. Plenty of infantrymen are not airborne-qualified, and are therefore legs, but not pogues. And a pogue can be airborne qualified, and therefore not a leg.
"Hey Jones, we're putting you in Headquarters platoon. Go hang out in the supply room with those 92Y pogues."
by The Torch May 29, 2012

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