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The chick I fucked last night.
"I heard you scored some pussy! Who'd you do?"
"Your mom"
by The Tomb January 23, 2008
A crappy typo written in a definition by someone who has obviously never seen the show and thinks it's from Japan.
Dude, it's Kappa Mikey, not Kappa Mickey. And it's from America. And better than half the crap on TV right now.
by The Tomb January 23, 2008
A contraction of Kaptain.
Aye, Kap'n! Whatever you say!
by The Tomb January 23, 2008
The highest rank of a pirate ship, surpassing that of even captain. Only one person in the world truly holds this rank and none can take it from her.
I got in a fight with The Kaptain last night and got crunchatized!
by The Tomb January 23, 2008

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