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An uncontrolled raging-boner brought on by the presence of a bad ass chick. Also happens when watching porn in dorm rooms or on computers across the US. Can be fatal if not treated immediately. If no one is present to treat the affected area, self medication is often suggested. A travel size bottle of lotion should be kept in your pocket as a safety precaution when going out on first dates.
Her:(approaching a random stranger in a department store dressing room.) Excuse me, but can you unbutton my blouse? It seems to be a little too...tight.

Sucker: (shaking) Umm...s-s-sure..!

Her: Oops, nevermind! I think I'm just going to go back in and...finger, oh I mean, figure it out, hehe. *walks off*

Suckers friend: Damn, dude. What took you so long?

Sucker: Sorry, some bitch just gave me a hard attack.
by The Token Black Guy March 30, 2006

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