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The ability to jump or leap.

Saltant: Jumping and/or Leaping
I have no idea how to use saltantism in a sentence.
by The Toilet Monster June 18, 2005
One of the best T.V. shows created of all time. Ultimately the most comical cartoon sitcom invented.

Created by Seth McFarlane, containing a wonderful cast of:
The Family:
Peter Griffin (father), Louis Griffin (mother), Meg Griffin (daughter), Chris Griffin (oldest son), Stewie Griffin (youngest son), Brian Griffin (talking dog).

Can never forget Glen Quagmire and his sex crazy life. He has even once gotten is 'slutty-women-prober' stuck in a window.
The new season of Family Guy is finally playing. Fox network on Sunday nights at 9:00PM EST. Be there or....well...be freakin square.
by The Toilet Monster June 18, 2005
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