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A cunt that's layered in more fat than your typical cunt.
Damn that's a fat cunt. Eat more salads!
by The Toe February 26, 2004
Reznor, Trent (1965 - ) Full name is Michael Trent Reznor. Electronica/Industrial artist who reached the top of his popularity in the mid 1990's. The lead singer, composer, and only pernament member of the band Nine Inch Nails.
Trent Reznor formed arguably the greatest and definitely the most well known industrial band.
by The Toe April 17, 2003
The brilliant character created by Reebok's marketing staff. Hired into a major corporation, his job is to improve office productivity by means of tackling the shit out of any whiny cracker who thinks he's too good to refill the coffee pot, handle his own K-22 paper jams, or throw the soda can into the proper recycling bin.
"Yesterday, Fred from human resources got slammed into the wall by our loveable Terry Tate after he forgot to use a cover sheet on his fax report."
by The Toe February 16, 2005
A sexual act that Paris Hilton is quite accustomed to....being slapped in the face with a floppy dick.

Also used as a slang term for getting your ass kicked in a game of some type.
OMG LOL I just got finished getting pecker-slapped playing counterstrike.
by The Toe August 06, 2004
A hybrid of the words "internet" and "attitude".

Obnoxious and combative behavior resulting from the
anonymous safety one feels when interacting with others over the internet.

See also: spineless, coward
If you met that asshole in real life, his internettitude would probably disappear real quick.
by The Toe January 07, 2004
Anal sex. The male inserts the penis into the female (or male) anus, and thrusts outward and inward. See also : Butt fucking, ass sex, fag festivity
I'm ganna bruise her good, mothafucka!
by The Toe June 01, 2003
A children's game which is solely responsible for my eating disorder.
Damn you Hungry Hungry Hippos. Damn you to hell!
by The Toe January 09, 2004

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