3 definitions by The Todd

aka Dr. Dorian,
aka Julia, Andrea, Lassie, Angela, Beyonce, Britney, Susie, Betsy or any other girl´s name Dr. Cox can think of on the spot.
J.D.: First off, I'd like to thank you all for agreeing to talk.

Carla: Bambi, you paged us here.
by The Todd July 14, 2004
A weird creature in City of Heros that spits snot at you.
OMG! Lets go cut some more of those fucking Oogs!
by The Todd October 12, 2004
The worst video game ever made. Plus it's bad luck. If you rent it, you will die shortly after.
I rented Beast Wrestler and all i could do is lay on the ground and get tail-whipped by my opponent.
by The Todd October 12, 2004

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