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Perhaps I am the first Long Islander to say good things about Binghamton and the University. In fact, I turned down an offer from Cornell to come here because it doesn't really matter where you go to undergrad once you are considering colleges on the level of Binghamton and up. The school pours a bunch of money into my Bioengineering department and almost all my teachers have degrees from MIT and Harvard (and Tokyo Uni) so why should I pay another 30 grand a year. I'll save the money for grad school when it really matters. Oh yeah, then there is also the fact that 80% of CEOs today went to public school (like the guy who currently runs Disney). University is just a tool and a background. It doesn't make you successful, it just gives you a few opportunities to have you help yourself.

Yes the weather sucks in the winter, but it is beautiful in the summer time. You can't see mountains like this on Long Island. Additionally there are a number of cultural events that go on in Bing all the time. Lucia Di Lammermoor, came here to do Opera and there is the Speedie Fest and such in August I think. There is one vintage thrift shop downtown that designers from Manhattan come to to steal ideas and resell for 10x the price.

So while Bing is no Manhattan, its no bumblefuck either. Additionally, Cornell should be nicer if you are going to pay thirty thousand extra dollars a year. For that amount of money, they should powder your balls (like the gentleman below indicated of Long Islanders).

I had a friend who went to University of Hawaii at Manoa which is much lower ranking than Binghamton (but hey its Hawaii) and he went to Yale for physics for grad school, so who the fuck cares where he went for undergrad.

Stop bitching and take control of your life. Then get shitfaced
Rod Serling lived in Binghamton 'till 18.
by The Tiki June 22, 2006

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