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A term used to describe a person who is boring enough that they make you snore.
"He is a snorewizard". "She is a snore wizard". "They are a bunch of snore wizards". For example: Cliff Richard, Carol Smiley, Jules Oliver, Jane MacDonald, Leona Lewis, Andy Murray, Bruce Forsyth, Bonnie Tyler, Claire Sweeney, Ben from Eastenders (Phil's son), Gordon Brown.
by The Three Muskateers December 28, 2009
A festival-like event involving the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol. Usually attended by some swigfiends.
It was a total swigfest man.
by The Three Muskateers December 28, 2009
Someone who likes to swig and attend swigfests.
He is a total swigfiend.
by the Three Muskateers December 28, 2009
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