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2 definitions by The Threat

To utterly destroy the environment, people, plants, animals, babies, etc. This is a mode where you are steamrolling through life worried about only your crew! Other mooks cannot stand in your path. No one can oppose you. Chaos will ensue
I plan to mob it to the library today to do some studying. :) Stupid moox if you need an example, I can show you in real life.
by The Threat July 24, 2008
12 4
Fillet has a threefold definition at least. 1) To fillet is to completely annihilate a broad. You know what I mean. 2)To fillet also means do something negative to. 3)To fillet also means to succeed beyond belief at some task or event.
1) This chick was into me, so I went ahead and fillet-d her.
2) I wrecked my truck and the power pole fillet-d my grill.
3) I totally fillet-d my final exam despite not studying!
by The Threat July 24, 2008
7 2