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6 definitions by The Third Place

1) Something that is beyond being massive
2) A object/body astronomically immense in its magnitude
3) Fucking B-I-G !!!!
Daryl's Chode is MAHOOSIVE

Man My Man Bits are Mahoosive!! :)
by The Third Place April 24, 2003
204 74
01) Male Gentialia
02) Pork Sword & Meat balls
03) Spam Dagger & friends
04) Meat Truncheon £ handcuffs
05) Mr Happy & the Dynamic Duo
06) Meat and 2 Veg
07) One-eyed Japanese Warrior & ying/yang balls
08) The Boss & Associates
09) Trouser Snake & two Veg
10) Penis and Testicles
11) Erect Member + Scrotal Sack
12) Tom, Dick and Gibblets
13) Chode and gonads
1. OOOWWWWWWW Just been kicked in the "Man Bits", I feel sick
2. OOOWWWWWWW Just caught my "Man Bits" in my flies
by The Third Place April 24, 2003
54 1
Deviation from steady streamline flow of Urine, in which the piss takes two independent paths, one of which is usually outside the event horizon of the porcelain bowl and often directly incident on trouser leg or shoe.

Includes "Devil's Forking" in which both feet get a hosing and "Devil's Fork Special" a game in which one attempts to secure flow into two urinals simultaneously.
I impressed the lads in the Gents by a spectacular display of Devil's Forking in which I concurrently pissed on the legs of the persons to the left and right of me.
by The Third Place April 26, 2003
47 6
1)Abusive Quality. To completely verbally violate someone. Esp when applied to a senior figure or elderly person.
2)Unknown Warrior posing as a student
"You're an ugly f*cking c*nt, who on earth would f*ck u u ugly bitch" Besso of Head Warden on our Block
by The Third Place April 26, 2003
8 8
To be repeatedly caught wanking.
"Besso....Your penis is out again"
by The Third Place May 13, 2003
4 7
1) Cult Activity involving copious amounts of alcohol and cheesy music, frequented by Warwick University Students and the Hardest of Hard-Core Teeny Boppers.
2) Form of self-inflicted torture involving agonisingly loud, irritating noise, nausea and drunken revelry.

AKA: Top B; Weekly Cheese Festival; Another shite monday nite.
Third Place spend (another) night of torment at the hands of the brutal Top Banana
by The Third Place April 28, 2003
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