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This is the group that is responsible for many unjust and pussy ass hit and run acts against America. For instance the attacks on September 11th 2001, the numerous violent murders of American contracters and soldiers and also the blowing out of Tom Brady's knee against the Chiefs in 2008.
AL Quaida is a bunch of pussy ass bitches and I would like to tie them to a chair with no bottom andbeat the shit outa thier nuts untill they have nothing less than worthless mush, which isnt much less than they have now.
#asshole's #pussys #ballsuckers #assclowns #fuckers
by The Tenacious T-Bagger September 26, 2009
These are people that for some reason did something to deserve themselves getting strapped to a chair with no bottom and getting the shit beat out of thier balls until they are reduced to worthless mush. Much like what happened to James Bond in Casino Royale, except these people are nothing like James Bond, because instead of taking it like a man like Bond did, these people cry and bitch and moan like whiny little bitches.
Nick 1 "Dude did you hear what happened to Osama Bin Laden?"
Nick 2 "No what?"
Tony "Dude you didnt hear? He got his balls mashed while he sat in a bottomless chair and bitched and moaned like a whiny bitch!"
Nick 2 " That Ball Less Mush Haver"
#pussys #faggots #cocksuckers #leatherstrechers #vaginahaters
by The Tenacious T-Bagger September 26, 2009
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