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3 definitions by The Tea Bagger

Egg size testicles that are large like those on a moose, especially a pair that is extra droopy.
person 1: Roscoe was tea bagging me the other day and his balls were so big they wouldn't even begin to fit in my mouth.

person 2: Oh, you didn't know he had moose nuts?
by The Tea Bagger December 20, 2010
The way a ho's mouth feels after giving blow jobs all night.
Oh snap, I have marshmallow mouth from giving so many blow jobs last night!
by the tea bagger April 11, 2014
Hog bush is when a male eats out a female with a big bush and oinks into her pussy.
Amy's pussy was so furry, I had to hog bush that snatch.
by the tea bagger April 13, 2014