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Liquid happy crack is a homemade beverage that whose exact ingredients are as varied as the ingredients for a good BBQ sauce. but the basic formula is this.
1. you start with a soda pop suicide. i generally mix things like coke, sprite, dr.pepper, grape soda, strawberry soda, fruit punch, and if im feeling particularly coy a red bull or two. 2. mix in large bottle. empty 2 Liter pop bottle, so you can shake it up real good.

3. add candy! fun dip power, pixie stix powder, sweet tarts, skittles, spree.

4. shake well, and leave in fridge overnight, or until the more solid candy has mostly dissolved.

5. enjoy the most epic sugar high you have ever experienced!!!!!!
person 1: "dude what's wrong with you?"

person 2: "i got seriously messed up on liquid happy crack last night."
person 1: "epic"
by The Tavi Monster May 12, 2011

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