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Noun: The act of pretending to be gay in order to deter unwanted women or to fit in to homosexual festivities

Antonym: The act of being so in the closet you try to be straight.
Dude, this troll who wants my nuts is rollin' up. Help me throw on some fagouflage to scare her off!
by The Sullier December 09, 2010
Noun: The gay version of a ghetto pass for straight people, enabling its holder to pass through traditionally hostile homosexual territory, i.e. the rough trade section of the local gay community.
Passing through the Castro at 1 am man? Make sure your gaytto pass is up to date.
by The Sullier December 11, 2010
The day of rest provided to us by the great snow gods in their benevolent war upon work and school schedules.
I can't bowl today its snowbas.
by The Sullier February 03, 2011
when previews include important plot details or revelations that spoil the film before actual viewing occurs.
Hey did you check out Shutter Island?
Nope major previewture ejaculation when i watched the advertisements.
by The Sullier January 09, 2011

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