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One who frequents a pub or bar. Derived from the word 'regular'. The problem being one cannot be a true 'regular' if one is capable of saying 'regular'. Any true 'regular' will be a 'redderler'as they are too drunk to say the word any other way.
Bar Patron #1, "I've been drinking Big Feller in here for years. That's what makes me a redderler."

Bar Patron #2, "That's easy for you to say."
by The Strut September 30, 2004
The last joint of the day. Shortened from 'bedtime bifter'.
"Come on Nick, time for bed."

"Yeah alright. Let me roll my bedtimer dude."
by The Strut October 01, 2004
Also used to describe a cutting remark, generally received with no provocation what-so-ever.
Friend One, "You know, Jermaine Defoe is quite a good player."
Bunny, "Yeah, better than the sh*t you've got at Oldham."
Friend One, "Wooooo. Bunny got teeth!"
by The Strut September 29, 2004
One half of 'Cannon and Ball'. A born again Christian whose greatest exploit has to be the recording of Oldham Athletic's 1990 League Cup Final song 'We're the boys in Blue'. A twist on their earlier song that was on the soundtrack to their film of the same name that a lot of people have tried to forget.
"You're getting on my piggin' nerves," said Bobby Ball to Tommy Cannon.
by The Strut October 11, 2004
A female's state of arousal. The equivalent of a male's hard on except the girl becomes moist.
"There's Sean again. God he gives me such a gel on."
by The Strut November 10, 2004
Town in USA where a lot of robberies and kidnapping takes place.
The thief threatened the clerk at gunpoint and took all the money from the cash registers.
by The Strut October 11, 2004
Face contorted in displeasure or annoyance, resulting in a less than flattering look.
Girl, "Let me know when you're about to cum."
Bloke, "Okay."
Girl, "Mmggagt."
Bloke, "Ooops."
Girl, "I thought you were going to tell me when you were cumming?"
Bloke, "Oh cheer up, love. You've got a face like a slapped arse."
by The Strut September 29, 2004

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