2 definitions by The Strike

1) To be so extremely angry, that your anger can only be done justice by comparing it thunder.

2) Not any sort of normal anger, this is a special type of anger that people feel often when they get so pist that their words and sentences become incomprehensible or they begin to foam at the mouth.
1) I can't believe that cunt ass howler monkey gave us the test today, imma be thunderpist if I fail that shit.

2) What that ho said to me earlier got me straight thunderpist man, I'm surprised I didnt smack a tooth out that bitch's mouth.
by The Strike March 25, 2010
1) Someone with no physical or mental aspects that make them worth anything.

2) A fat slob who's stomach seems to be a bottomless pit , a person who is so indescribably fuckin fat that moving or trying to get up or walk causes extreme physical and mental exertion.
1) See that fat girl over there....She has so much jullity it's making me sad, that bitch better leave or ima get pissed off!

2)Did you see that fat ass jullity ho? I think that bitch was gonna narf a Big Mac out of the trash can!
by The Strike March 21, 2010

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