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3 definitions by The Streets Talking

If You Don't Have a Drive Or Ambition U Will Never Win

Term used By LYNX SUPREME and WCMG
Those dudes Can't Fuck With us.... LosersNeverWin!!
by The Streets Talking July 06, 2011
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Just Like The Word WINNERNATI This Also Express The Feeling Of Winning of Being a Champion Never Giving Up Trying and Giving a 110%

This Saying Completes The Saying

WinnersNeverLose // LosersNeverWin
Well ..... WinnersNeverLose // LosersNeverWin

I Will Never Give Up....WinnersNeverLose
by The Streets Talking July 06, 2011
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The Art Of Never Giving Up Always Wanting To Win a Strong Hearted Person With Mega Ambition And Drive Also a Saying Used By #WCMG Winners Circle Music Group a Expression of a hard Working Person Never Giving Up
I Won't Give Up Never...WINNERNATI!!!

Fuck What U Think Bitch WINNERNATI!!

This Race is Mine To Win WINNERNATI
by The Streets Talking July 06, 2011
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