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If You Don't Have a Drive Or Ambition U Will Never Win

Term used By LYNX SUPREME and WCMG
Those dudes Can't Fuck With us.... LosersNeverWin!!
by The Streets Talking July 06, 2011
Just Like The Word WINNERNATI This Also Express The Feeling Of Winning of Being a Champion Never Giving Up Trying and Giving a 110%

This Saying Completes The Saying

WinnersNeverLose // LosersNeverWin
Well ..... WinnersNeverLose // LosersNeverWin

I Will Never Give Up....WinnersNeverLose
by The Streets Talking July 06, 2011
The Art Of Never Giving Up Always Wanting To Win a Strong Hearted Person With Mega Ambition And Drive Also a Saying Used By #WCMG Winners Circle Music Group a Expression of a hard Working Person Never Giving Up
I Won't Give Up Never...WINNERNATI!!!

Fuck What U Think Bitch WINNERNATI!!

This Race is Mine To Win WINNERNATI
by The Streets Talking July 06, 2011

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