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Hip, cool psychic reader who taps into your energy to give you a heads up on what is in the stars and who is hanging in the bars. The daily dose of psychic prozac for the psychic junkie who is jonesing for a reading.
The Street Smart Psychic gave the psychic junkie a tarot card reading to give her a heads up on what to expect next and a psychic prescription to go with the psychic prediction...take two fortune cookies and call me in the morning.
by The Street Smart Psychic November 08, 2009
Psychic Junkie;Someone who is addicted to psychics,daily horoscopes,fortune cookies and other forms of psychic divination.
A psychic junkie is someone who reaches for psychic advice for every little thing. Daily horoscopes are placebos compared to the live one to one type of psychic readings that the psychic junkie joneses for on a regular basis.
by The Street Smart Psychic September 11, 2009
Yule Tool-Someone who acts like a complete jerk during the holiday season. Prone to fits of rage if holiday lights don't work and if inflatable snowmen refuse to stand up right.
Also applies to rude holiday sales help, "door buster" bullies and pedifile store Santa's.
It takes a real Yule Tool to stand in line for six hours just to be one of the first people in the store that is offering holiday "door buster" sales.
by The Street Smart Psychic November 25, 2009
Slow show-the method of walking against a traffic light , J-walking,cruising through the mall at the slowest speed possible or basically not getting out of the way.
I almost hit the dude with my car because he was slow shoeing across the street.
by The Street Smart Psychic September 27, 2009
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