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Bitch, to act or become someone's a bitch.

A reference to the 2010 Olympic mascot, this hairy fucker had a habit of brushing off adults and children alike. Possibly because he was the most popular or the largest of the mascots, his ego and attitude served his name well.
"Johnny, can I have a turn at the Xbox please?
- "Shut up Pete, I'm still playin'."
"Pleeeaasssee? I've been waiting for hours!!!"
- "Fuck Pete, quit being such a Quatchi!"

Albert took the last donut. That was such a Quatchi move.

After Fredrick's arrest and conviction, everyone knew that pretty face of his would make him someone's Quatchi on the inside.
#bitch #pussy #quatchie #girl #twat
by The Stitchman July 08, 2010
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