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A BMF that does and gets what he wants. Someone that doesn't play by any particular rules, but is unusually charming and plays off of his looks. A David is always the funniest and inticing man of the hour.
Girl 1 "David was so funny at the party last night!"
Girl 2 "yeah, I didn't see who he went home with"
Girl 3 "I tried to take him home"
Girl 1 "I heard he gave that stuck up blonde model a Tony Danza!!"
by The Stig 34 March 06, 2008
The degree of which a chick's ass sticks out in relation to the angle of her back.
For example, if a chick has a 90 degree slope angle, she has a huge ass. If she has a 135 degree slope angle, she has an athletic ass. If it's 180 degrees, she has no ass!
Guy1 "Look at that bitch's ass!!!"
Guy2 "Wow!! Nice slope angle!!"
Guy1 "Look at that bitch's ass!!"
Guy2 "Yeah!! Her I could tuck my beer in her slope angle! What a fatass!
by The Stig 34 March 06, 2008
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