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The act of anal sex.
"Look at that ass! I'd love to snake her toilet."
by The Stain March 29, 2007
A dry, medium-sized fart that is expelled minutes after taking a shit.
Having finished his bowel movement, Sebastian rejoined the party. Minutes later, he let out a smelly, good sounding fart. He told everyone, "It's just some afterbirth."
by The Stain March 29, 2007
Some would say this is WORSE than the infamous cock-block. This is when you're about to hook up with some broad, and her friends pull her away because they "want to go dance" or, "want to go to another bar".
"Dude, I was probably going to take that chick home and slam her if it wasn't for her stupid-ass friends cunt-blocking me!"
by The Stain July 09, 2006
When you "cock-block" a guy using a stink bomb.
There's some tool at a bar looking like he's going to score with some hot chick he doesn't deserve. You break a stink bomb within a few feet of him, the chick gets grossed out, the chick walks away. The tool has just been stink blocked.
by The Stain June 26, 2006
The semen discharged during ejaculation.
I pulled out and sprayed my sex pee all over her back.
by The Stain July 01, 2007
Fecal matter left in one's ass because they didn't wipe well enough after a dump. Usually results in a second trip to the bathroom after the itchy feeling becomes too uncomfortable.
You're at a friends house where a party is being thrown. You have to take a crap, but you understand that there are going to be people waiting for you to finish quickly. You shit quickly, wipe even quicker, and leave with "unfinished business" that will be attended to later.
by The Stain June 26, 2006
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