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Similar to door bell trade but the unscheduled arrival of a previous craigslist respondent showing up at your door unannounced for a repeat performance of the gay sex
Tony was suprised to receive ding dong dick from the butter face guy he did last Tuesday!
by the Square Gang April 14, 2008
Smearing human feces on the walls, toilet, etc. in either an effort to seriously offend the next occupant or as a result of a mental illness
When Sarge lost his mind he went shit painting in the bathroom by the pool. It was like some crazy caveman paintings in there! We all knew he was the shit painting artist.
by The Square Gang April 13, 2008
The fine art of shatting a toilet so explosively that the bowl is covered in mud. A direct result of a serious case of mud butt!
Elizabeth is now prohibitted from using our bathroom when she comes over because she always leaves the mud bowl. That bitch needs to lay off the sauce cause she is blowing up our toilet with her nasty ass!
by the Square Gang April 14, 2008
one who uses feces as a medium to paint walls, toilets, mirrors, etc. also know as shit painting.
Sarge was the most creative shit painter I've ever seen! I stopped at the Seven-Eleven to drop and duece and a shit painter had just painted the whole joint.
by The Square Gang April 13, 2008
butt gravy with chunks. When you have the explosive shits and it's chunky and gravy-like...looks like a plate of cut up salisbury steak
My neighbor, the gypsy, shat her pants and the thick and chunky ran down her legs like salisbury steak from the cafeteria in middle school!
by The Square Gang April 13, 2008
craigslisting a photo of your penis and then having the respondents ring your door bell at a mutually agreed upon time for gay sexual exploits. Requires one to serena in advance in order to have a clean recepticle.
Tony had to leave the gang early because he had door bell trade scheduled at 3:00 and he needed to serena first!
by the Square Gang April 14, 2008
A verb. The act of cleansing your anus in preparation for gay sex. Typically involves the use of a "sure shot" or metal penis-like attachment which hooks to the shower and shoots water into the rectum resulting in a chunky mass on the shower floor. A magic wand.
our friend Tony excitedly told us that he had just serena'd and was fresh for door bell trade!
by the Square Gang April 14, 2008

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