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Ghumans are descended from Raja Sanpal.who was a rajput janjua prince
Raja Sanpal, was the younger son of Raja Jodh1, the conqueror of Makhiala. Raja Jodh was the son of Raja Mal, the ruler of Malot Fort in Chakwal, originally hailing from Raja Dalip of Delhi.2
Raja Sanpal married many wives and had many sons, who founded various sub tribes and clans. His youngest son, Ghumman, took service in Jammu during the rule of Sultan Firuz Shah of Delhi.3
Ghuman's tribe eventually primarily settled in Sialkot and remained as Jagirdars and a powerful tribe in the area. Ghumans also settled in the Gurdaspur district and the Sangrur districts of Punjab in India. The Ghuman village in Gurdaspur is mentioned in the Sikh history. There is a group of twelve villages inhabited by Ghumans in Sangrur district. The main and most well known villages of that group are Nagre and Gharachon. Sometime during the mid-18th century some people migrated from Nagre-Gharachon area of Sangrur to establish Sarwarpur in the Samrala tehsil of Ludhiana District.
After the independence in 1947, Ghuman Jats moved to eastern Punjab (comprising today's states of Punjab (India), Haryana and Himachal Pradesh). While the Muslim moved from eastern Punjab to Pakistan. There are a significant number of Ghumans in Pakistan, in the area around Sialkot, in the late 19th century many of Ghumans settled around Sargodha and Faisalabad after the establishment of an irrigation system.
Similarly, there are significant number of Ghumans in India in the area around Bhawanigarh (Dist.Sangrur) Punjab. Village Retgarh (5 km from Bhawanigarh) is a signifiacant and famous Ghuman village. The Retgarhia family is a premier family in Patiala. General Raja Gurdit Singh of the said family was General Commanding Patiala State forces and also Prime Minister (Wazir) of Patiala State during the reign of Maharaja Rajinder Singh and Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala.
Ghumans are relatively good looking people and stand out for their strong character.
Some Ghumans come from the Village Ghumana which is near Dhingrian & Mangata.
Girl 1: Wow, look at Mr Ghuman over there, he's hot.
Girl 2: I know,he's a Ghuman

Dude 1: Hey, what makes you think you can cut in line
Ghuman: I'm a Ghuman, descendant of a rajput janjua prince - boom boom pow!
by The Specialist-age August 11, 2009
To over exaggerate or over play an expression, word or meaning


To cause discomfort by overuse
Dude 1: Dude, I've been working way too hard this week, you might say I'me over worked?

Dude2: No dude, thats uber-wang!


Dude 1: Dude, my wrists mad killin from all this over work

Dude 2: You've uber-wanged your wrist dawg!
by The Specialist-age November 09, 2007
To ask What do you say? or What do you think? in a very quick slang manor.
1: Dave, I'm goin' out saturday and need a wing man, YSA?

2: Yo Steveo, look at that girl that Timbo's with, YSA?
by The Specialist-age August 11, 2009
Someone who "save's your bacon"
Dude 1: Dude, my dad wants his computer back, but I've been looking at some questionable website's!

Dude 2: Don't stress, I'll clear your history

Dude 1: Dude, you're a real Bacon Saver
by The Specialist-age June 03, 2010
To advise someone to stop doing "stop moaning" or "stop chatting sh1t"
Example 1.

Dude 1: Hey bro, I'm going out on the pull tonight so likely I'll be back with some hot totty

Dude 2: Dude, squash that noise, you're always on about it but you never pull cus you're a duche

Example 2. - At the pub

Dude 1: Boy's I'm strapped for cash cus my Mrs left me and took everything

Dude 2: Squash that noise, you know I've got your back, drinks on me dude
by The Specialist-age June 24, 2011
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